Friday, February 3, 2017

My visit to FCCC earlier this week could have gone a lot better than it did.

It started off well: I saw my gyn/oncologist for my three month check-up.  She said my exam was normal and that we'd continue with visits every three months for now.  She said she'd call me with the results of my blood work that I'd had earlier that morning.  "It's been nearly two years since your last recurrence," she said, with a bright smile.  "That's really great."

After lunch I went to the plastic surgeon for a post-op visit.  I was concerned about this because my incisions weren't healing well; in fact, one incision had separated.  The surgeon checked them and said one incision was actually fine.  The other incision will require daily dressing changes with Silvadene cream.  At least it wasn't infected, and that means in all likelihood my surgery on the 20th will still be a go.

It was sometime during the afternoon that I got a call telling me that my gyn/oncologist, Dr. Chu, wanted me to have imaging studies because my tumor markers were elevated.  I asked if perhaps the issues wth my incisions not healing were causing my labs to look like there was a problem, and I was told "She (the doctor) has taken that into consideration."

So, I have to go back to FCCC next week so the plastic surgeon can recheck my incisions, then have a CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Sometimes it feels like you just go from one crisis to another.

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