Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Once again, chemo this week was cancelled.  I wound up spending most of the day at the hospital getting one test after another.  The good news is that my heart is OK after all--false alarm on the R heart failure.  The CT scan picked up something in my lungs called "ground glass opacities."  The onc. said that as long as I don't have a fever I don't need to worry.  He said that they could be caused from the Gemzar, so next week we're going to try to do the treatment minus the Gemzar.

I am really tired.  That day took a lot out of me.  What was really nice was that I got a call from the oncologist checking up on me to make sure I was OK.

So, today I'm just resting up and trying not to be too frustrated over another complication with treatment.

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