Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's been about 6 days since my chemo, and so far I've gotten through it with one day of nausea (Note: no frozen pizza the day after chemo) and generalized aches, which I expected.  It doesn't sound all that bad, but that achiness gets to you after a while.

I got a text from a friend whose husband recently died from cancer.  He was always checking up on me when he was sick; I told my friend (his wife) that I was so glad he didn't live to see me recur, because I know he would have taken that very hard.

On Monday, I go to the orthopedic specialist.  The plan had been for me to start physical therapy and then sometime this spring repair the R ankle.  That will be on the shelf for now, but it's not like I'm walking all about town.

The British have it right when it comes to tea.  Tea seems to cure everything.

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